Demerara Sugar

“Demerara Sugar” takes its name from a place in Guyana (South America), where this specific type of large crystallized sugar first originated. This variety of sugar dates back to a long ago period and has recently made a strong comeback as people are choosing more nutritious options. Demerara is a golden colored natural sugar, blended with molasses, contains no additives, no preservatives and is also Sulphur free. The large sparkling crystals and crunchy texture gives delicious depth of flavor to coffees, hot cereals, cakes and desserts. Sprinkle a little of RAJSHREE DEMERARA SUGAR to get that extra sparkle and crunch! RAJSHREE DEMERARA SUGAR is produced from cane grown using sustainable eco-friendly farming practice. With every purchase, you help improve the lives of thousands of small-scale farmers.


Bulk Packing – 50kg HDPE bag with polyliner inside.

Retail Packing – Available in 500g high quality plastic pouches with ziplock.

Demerara Sugar Sachets: 5 gm sachet X 200 units = 1 kg polypouch X 10 units = 10 kg corrugated box.

What is Demerara Sugar?

Demerara Sugar is often referred to as ‘Raw Sugar’. The Reason why it is called so is because the sugar particles still contain traces of molasses which gives it a light brown colour. It is more crystalline in nature which is why it is crunchy in texture.

Demerara Sugar Benefits

Since Demerara Sugar contains molasses, it is rich in Minerals, vitamins, Calcium and Iron. It’s the perfect immunity booster. While it’s good for the inside of your body, Demerara Sugar is also good for the skin outside, it helps moisturise the skin and heal better. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Since it traps moisture, it is the perfect choice for every baker.