Organic Manure

GreenPLUS is an organic manure originating from the aerobic solid state fermentation of sugar industry press mud using concentrated spent wash, a by-product of the distillery industry. The decomposition is enhanced by the usage of a microbial consortium consisting of fungi, bacteria and Actinomycetes. The aerobic microbes utilize the carbon in the raw materials and decompose the press mud which acts as the substrate for their growth and convert it into a superior quality organic manure that can be used for agricultural purposes. The manufacture utilizes a unique machine called the Aerotiller that agitates, aerates and shreds the press mud thus fastening the process of decomposition to 13 weeks.


  • One Ton of GreenPLUS can replace 10 tons of conventional manures such as farm yard manure
  • Unlike conventional manures, Green PLUS is free from weed seeds, pests and plant pathogens making it a very safe agricultural input
  • Apart from a high organic matter content of up to 45%, GreenPLUS also supplies essential plant hormones that help in vegetative and reproductive growth of the plants
  • GreenPLUS increases the water holding capacity of the soil thus reducing water usage and maximizes the effects of fertilizers and other plant growth promoters
  • GreenPLUS has the most balanced C:N ratio of 10-15:1
  • The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • GreenPLUS is certified by Control Union, for use in organic agriculture
  • GreenPLUS is suitable for all types of crops and soil
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