Theni (Unit 1)


The Company was incorporated in the year 1985. The plant with a capacity of 2,500 TCD (tons of cane crushed per day), commenced operation in January 1990.


RSCL was one of the pioneers among sugar companies in the country to design its factory to incorporate a co-generation system to produce surplus power for sale to the state power grid in the year 1996.RSCL was the first plant at that point of time which had the highest boiler pressure (45 KG Pressure) in the sugar industry . The system with a total installed capacity of 12MW comprises one 6MW-extraction turbo alternator and one 6MW-condensing/extraction turbo alternator. The plant produces 9.5 MW of which 4.5 MW is used for captive consumption and the balance surplus power is exported to the state TNEB grid.


As part of the company’s strategy of value addition a distillery with a capacity of 45 kilolitres per day was established during 1993 to produce industrial alcohol from cane molasses. Also the plant has a capacity of 10 kilolitres per day for the production of extra neutral alcohol for potable purpose. In addition to the above , In year 2004 we commissioned an Anhydrous alcohol (Ethanol) of 45 kilolitres per day plant using molecular sieve technology.