Distillery Industry

Two Distilleries with total production capacity of 125 KLPD to produce Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol & Anhydrous Alcohol. While spent wash is being used for composting along with pressmud to produce Bio compost in Varadaraj Nagar Unit the same is being incinerated in Semmedu plant. In the both the plants we ensure zero effluent discharge besides converting it as organic fertilizer to enrich the soil.

The entire effluent generated from the plant is completely incinerated in the Incineration Boiler after concentrating in various stages viz., Integrated Evaporation, Flubex and Finisher from 15 brix to 60 brix. The concentrated spent wash is burnt in the spent wash fired Boiler and Coal is used as a supportive fuel for the same. The steam generated from this Boiler is used for power generation and the low pressure steam meets the complete power & steam requirement of distillery process.

Flue gas generated from the spent wash fired Boiler consists of fine particles, for which bag filter system had been installed to clean the flue gas which reduces the dust concentration and meets the norms set by the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board i.e. 150 mg/NM3.

During the processing of concentrated spent wash, the condensate is separated which is highly acidic in nature and having high biological load. The same is being treated through Anaerobic Digester and Extended Aeration Tank followed by Clarifier and the same is used for molasses dilution in Fermentation process.

What is the Distillery Industry?

The Distillery Industry is a part of the food and beverage industries which involve the clarifying, blending and ageing of alcohol to make spirits. Not all spirits are alcoholic, while some of them are used in the food and beverage industry, some are also used in cosmetic industry, medicinal industry and a lot more. Molasses play a huge role in the distillery industry.

The manufacturing process

The Distillery Industry relies a lot on the molasses extracted from Sugar. The following steps are involved in the manufacturing process :

1. Fermenting the molasses.

2. Sugar content in molasses reduced to 10-15%.

3.Yeast is then mixed with the sugar solution and left to ferment for about 40 hours.

4. Post fermentation, yeast sludge is removed and the fermented product is sent to be distilled with steam.

5.When the fermented product is distilled with steam, a mix of alcohol vapours and steam is collected.

6.The alcohol vapours are condensed and collected as rectified spirits while the steam is let off.

The Product (Alcohol) that comes from the distillery Industry is more absolute and pure and is then used accordingly.

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