Jaggery Powder

Rajshree Jaggery Powder is fine jaggery made to the highest hygienic standards. Natural, high-quality sugarcane is searched out, purchased, and then processed with coconut oil and aloe vera to ensure that the jaggery powder is devoid of chemicals like hydrosulphate, gypsum, bleaching powder, and super phosphate.

It is simple to use because it doesn’t require grading, melting, or straining. It instantly dissolves and seamlessly combines with your preparations.

Our body needs calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron, all of which are abundant in Rajshree Jaggery Powder. Jaggery’s residual molasses includes phenolic acids that aid in lowering the body’s oxidative stress. The ready-to-use jaggery powder ensures delicious and nutritious sweetness.