Green Power

Three Cogeneration plants with High Pressure Boilers & Extraction cum condensing Turbines which Generates 57.5 MW of Green Power and exports 41 MW of power to the TANGEDCO grid. 20.5 MW/Hr Cogeneration plant with 110 Ata 545 deg.C High pressure Boiler with triple extraction cum condensing Turbine.

Flue gas generated from the Boiler is passed through the Electro static precipitator which removes the dust particles from the flue gas and after ESP, the flue gas is being let out through a chimney of 90 mtr height. This emission meets the norms set by the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board.

Apart from the above, we are the first one to introduce an Air Cooled Condenser in Cogeneration Plant in place of conventional surface condenser which is highly water intensive. Around 600 m3 per day of raw water is saved by installation of air cooled condenser.

What is green power?

Go Green, Go clean : a very common phrase we hear each day, clearly talks about Green Power. Green Power is a renewable form of energy and is generated using alternative energy source such as solar , hydro, biogas, biomass etc., It improves sustainability and is a better and safe option when it comes to the environment.

What is Green Power energy?

Green Power energy is basically a subset of renewable energy and is proven to be highly beneficial to the environment. It is very much preferred because it causes less emissions and leaves very minimal carbon footprint.

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