Cane Procurement

  • Rajshree Sugars as a key player in the largest agro industry is the main driving force in the overall socio-economic sustenance and development of the predominantly agrarian economy in Theni , Villupuram and Thiruvannamalai districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • Inclusively, Rajshree Sugars impacts the very socio economic fabric and lifestyle of over 1 lakh families in rural south India. The business ensures income to farmers, generates diverse rural employment and nurtures multitude of other associated rural agro business like trade, harvest and supply logistics.
  • Rajshree Sugars actively supports 20,000 sugarcane farming families cultivating sugarcane in around 75,000 acres of its operative area. Besides, it provides indirect employment to about 15000 families of cane harvesting labour and transport personnel.
  • Rajshree Sugars has more than 25 years of experience in contract farming and procurement of sugarcane. Sugarcane cultivation and procurement is a systematic and well-organised program in Rajshree Sugars and is impeccably effected by the Cane operations team.
  • The cane operations team is headed by well experienced and qualified agriculture professionals. Besides, an extensive network of 30 ‘agriculture’ qualified cane officers and 130 field assistants with diploma in agriculture qualification manage cane divisions and diverged sections to cater to the needs of each and every farmer right at their field.
  • The process of cane operations involves campaigning and registration of farmers for contract sugarcane cultivation, providing all requisite inputs, organising credit facilities through financial institutions and providing the best of cane harvest and supply logistic services to its farmers through extensive outreach programs .
  • Rajshree is the pioneering company in adopting System – Application – Product (SAP) Cane Management System to ensure smooth and effective monitoring and management of transactions in raw material production and supply.
  • Long term financing for irrigation infrastructure development projects like for pipeline and drip network laying and Cess fund schemes for rural road network development are facilitated through financial institutions and Government.  
  • The cane operations manages one of the most acclaimed three tier seed nursery program in the sugar industry realizing the importance of the adage “As is the nursery, so is the crop” . This ensures good quality seed cane material for planting and resultant higher productivity for all the farmers and better sugar recoveries to the factories.
  • The operations team is instrumental in ensuring effective and need based nutrient management through issue of organic and inorganic inputs from In-house storage and issue facilities in all divisional headquarters.
  • “Judicious  water resource management” as an emerging concern is addressed through extensive adoption of drip fertigation and sprinkler irrigation systems to cover over 5000 acres across all units.
  • Wider spaced cultivation and mechanisation promotion through entrepreneurship, commencing from ploughing to inter-cultivation and  final harvest with state of the art harvesters is extensively promoted to ensure mitigation of labour shortage and ensure cost savings to farmer.
  • Scientific principles of clean cane harvesting and harvest based on pre-harvest cane maturity survey has enabled the company to continually realise the best of sugar recoveries in the regions of factory location.
  • Frequent safety awareness programs are organised by the operations team for harvest labour with issue of safety manuals and also coverage with life insurance policies.
  • Crop insurance and farmer personal accident insurance are facilitated by the company, with the operations team actively engaged in aiding prompt claims and settlement to affected farmers.
  • The operations team are always in the forefront of implementing CSR activities in the rural backdrop due to their close ties and linkages with rural populace. Few notable activities constantly taken up are – Blood donation camps, Eye camps, desilting of minor tanks and ponds and green belt development in villages.