Environment Consciousness

The earth gives us life and nourishment. It is her bountiful nature that allows RSCL to touch so many lives. This makes it our duty to protect and nurture the environment. We have implemented various schemes to ensure this.

  • Apart from a park in Vaigai Dam, adopted by RSCL, the factory premises in Theni, comprises a 200 acre green belt area.
  • Rallies are conducted every year on World Environment Day to create awareness in the nearby villages.
  • De-silting and repairing of ponds and lakes of the command area in Theni has been carried out to facilitate the local community.
  • Environment day was observed by planting tree saplings at Mundiyampakkam factory premises and at Mundiyampakkam Ramakrishna School.
  • World Water day was celebrated to create awareness amongst school children in the villages near the Gingee factory.
  • In an industry first, RSCL has installed an 80 KLPD distillery with zero effluent discharge for complete recycling of water required for the process.
  • We have installed spent wash evaporator condensate treatment plant to recycle water to distillery process use, thus eliminating drawal of fresh water.
  • Distillery generated spent wash is concentrated to 55 – 60 brix and completely burnt in the specially designed spent wash fired boiler, creating zero effluent discharge.
  • Sugar plant condensate is cooled and re-used for alcohol processing, thus reducing fresh water consumption.
  • RSCL has installed a bio-gas engine to convert waste into wealth. What was earlier ‘flared’ in the atmosphere is now used to generate 900- 1000 units of power per day.
  • Biogas generated from the sugar effluent treatment plant is used in the canteen, in lieu of LPG. This helps us cut down on 15 LPG commercial cylinders per month.
  • The bag filter is installed in the spent wash fired boiler to meet environmental norms of emission control.
  • The stack emission is connected online with the TNPCB headquarters at Chennai and is monitored round-the-clock.