Learning & Development

“People are the greatest assets.” Rajshree’s employment philosophy and practices were based on the recognition that its people are integral to its success. The core values “ People, Passion, Progress” reflect the same philosophy.

The Company believes that being the best possible employer helps to recruit and retain the best employees. An equal opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer, remuneration and career progression is based entirely on responsibility and performance.

Clear, honest, two-way communication between management and employees at all levels is intrinsic to the culture of the Rajshree Group. Any issues relating to the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed openly and with a sense of shared purpose among senior management and employee representatives.

At Rajshree, HR programmes are defined and specifically-designed to realise the Group’s vision of growth and development. These programmes help our people identify and work on areas that are critical to the Group’s competitive advantage and achieving the goals which have been set.

Performance development programs, review systems, mentorship programs and many other training practices groom our people to become competent leaders.