Our Customer

When you cook with love and our grains and sugar, you create a feast that’s hard to beat. Like we maintain, ‘Cook with confidence. Good to the last grain.’ As a pioneer in the use of technology in our plants and factories, Rajshree extends cutting-edge know-how to consistently deliver quality goods.

Among our many initiatives are:

  • Reducing suspended solids <1 gm per litre, by use of 0.45 mm rotary screen.
  • Fully automated PH control system linked to Distributed Control System (DCS)to maintain perfect clarity of clear juice with limited chemicals consumption.
  • Auto feed control for A grade pan boiling resulting A-massecuite IU (COLOR)less than 10000.
  • Magnetic separation method at every stage of sugar discharge to eliminate rust particles in the sugar.
  • Double stage screening for melt for reduction of insoluble matter to produce sugar to the standardsof institutional customers.
  • Complete automation of sugar crystal washing which resulted in sugar colour reduction ICUMSA less than 100 units.
  • Sizer for thorough separation of lumps and powder to maintain crystal uniformity in product sugar.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all process activities to ensure GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • We have also constituted a Team viz. TSQAB (Total Sugar Quality Awareness Board) comprisingof management and non-management staff to monitor the quality. The Team meets periodically to ensure continual improvement and to maintain consistency in quality.
  • To ensure quality, sugar samples are periodically analysed in external government approved laboratories (Maarc Labs, Pune).
  • Multi-pressure distillation system adopted to produce superior quality extra-neutral alcohol.
  • Two times distillation process for rectifier fusel oil.
  • Continuous fusel oil separation for better quality of alcohol.
  • Maintaining lesser fermentation retention time to maintain the consistency in alcohol quality.