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Plantation White Sugar

Plantation White Sugar

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At Rajshree Sugar we always strive to provide our clients nothing less than the best. Not only do we serve our clients with high quality products that aim to meet international standards, we also ensure Rajshree Sugar is a name of every household. At Rajshree Sugar, we harness the beauty of sugarcane and provide some of the finest quality of White Crystal Sugar, Jaggery and Demerara Sugar.

Who said Sugar isn’t friendly? We aim to make Sugar friendly for you and the environment. Each product is produced under the guidance of international experts. The beauty of our products is that it is devoid of preservatives which makes it so much easy and light to consume. Jaggery and Demerara Sugar are the new age health options. We take pride in our products because each one of them is grown using sustainable and eco-friendly farming techniques. While we aim to improve the lives around us by providing healthier products , we do not believe in compromising our quality when it comes to serving the best to society.