Cane R & D

R&D recognized by Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India

Established R&D laboratories & farms

  • Soil analytical lab
  • Bio-control laboratories at Unit-1, 2 & 3
  • Plant Tissue Culture Lab
  • Plant Pathology lab
  • Shade net houses
  • R&D farms for agronomy & varietal trials in all units

The R&D activities are focused on effective consolidation and functioning of state of the art infrastructure with qualified and experienced scientists to foster sustainable technology support for farmers. The two functions of R&D and Extension together serve to nurture prosperous farmers aligned to the company and sustained quality of cane supply to the factories.

The Activities

  • Evaluation of new sugarcane varieties for developing location specific high yielding and high quality varieties resulted in two new high quality varieties being planted by farmers on a large scale.
  • Production of In-house good quality tissue culture derived seed material led to significant reduction in diseases like red rot , wilt and viral diseases . This initiative by the company is widely acclaimed by research institutions.
  • Drip fertigation schedules developed for maximizing productivity in drip irrigated farmer fields.
  • Scientific pest and disease surveys periodically conducted for monitoring and pre-emptive management of sugarcane pest and diseases
  • Integrated pest and disease management through production and augmentation of novel and effective biocontrol agents.
  • In-house soil testing , soil health cards for farmers, soil mapping and need based fertilizer recommendation for farmers to adopt precision farming methods.